Picture Series: Framing Al Kout~

Project Name: Framing Al Kout~

Camera:   Hasselblad 503cx

Film type:  Kodak T-MAX 100, Ilford Delta 100 and Ilford HP5 Plus



I am currently working on a project here in Kuwait and this part of my project comprises of photographic exploration to document the historical places that has being overseen for many generations.
These places have being recorded through film Photography only because to give them the rights and authenticity.



The main focus was to get the light emitting to the structure, captured in that moment of the day to portray how sunlight can enlighten a particular location using the arches. The arches were used historically to let air and light pass through to brighten the houses, palaces and tombs. Kuwait too has plenty of old buildings where arches were given significant importance. 
For the photographers, a fascinating picture is the one where light is given its importance, and no historical picture is complete without capturing arches with requisite light.


The Entrance to any door would signify the change in atmosphere. When anyone enters his home, the feeling of security, warmth, and belongingness comes immediately. It separates itself from the other world which can be noisy like the markets or an open space where the sun is beaming at its best.
As a photographer entering these historical places allows to travel back in time, hence leaving our senses with a question of how life would have existed.


If it had to be put up in a very artistic thought, a corridor is the path to connect to different rooms and different generations in the same house. The thought takes me back to my ancestral home where I had different generations (we kids, parents, grandparents) staying in different rooms and we had a long corridor and its beautiful memories. It used to be the place where kids exchanged secrets, played, watched the families laugh and also oversee the verandah.


From the earliest civilization, houses were constructed for the basic reason to cover the roof. However, with times of modernization, constructing anything above the normal roof level was considered as prestige and a sign of luxury. Wooden poles engraved in old houses were used to provide stability by creating a web using these poles. Secondly, it provided scaffolding for any maintenance work. As a photographer, capturing history in black and white series as its own delight.


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